Collective radio (with video)

goffi 12 years ago GNU-Linux jabber-xmpp-en SàT projet Libre

G'day everybody

after the shell pipe over XMPP, here is a new feature in "Salut à Toi": collective radio.

The idea is: you are in a chat room with a common playlist, and everybody can add a song to the playlist. The song is played simultaneously for everybody, making it a collective radio experiment.

So far, there are maximum 2 songs in queue, as soon as one song is played, anybody can add a new one. In the future, we can imagine a more sophisticated system to choose who can add a song in queue (e.g. each one in turn, with a vote if songs played are appreciated, or with a game: the one who can answer a quiz question can choose next song).

Maybe in the future we'll see thematic rooms: jazz, rock, experimental, discovery, song with nice lyrics, etc. Or maybe we'll spend some evenings with friends, each one adding nice songs after the other, or playing blind test. We can also imagine party were everybody can participate to the playlist.
If in addition you use it on your phone: you are your own radio disc jockey :)

Following is a video showing the current implementation of the proof of concept, it's in french but quite easy to understand.

For the record: I'll be in Brussels next weekend for the FOSDEM, where I'll make a demo of the project at the XSF stand; don't hesitate to come to have a chat :). In addition I'll have a short talk in the devroom on saturday evening (18:00), you can have more information by clicking on this link.

To play the video, you nead a recent browser (e.g. Firefox 4+ or the last Chromium).
You can also use VLC (>=1.1 only), by using this url as a flux:

Last but not least, you can use mplayer: mplayer ""

This video is licensed under Creative Common BY-SA

Movim Network 12 years ago

Hello ! We need to interconnect with some other social networks, if they wish to do. We really think a social network can't stay alone.

You could discover us on our Wiki or come to speak with us on our Mailing List (not very active, don't hesitate to post)

There is also a MUC XMPP but we aren't always on it

Vincent, french coordinator of communications of the Movim Project

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