Shell: pipe you commands out via XMPP with SàT

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G'day all,

just a short notice to show a feature i'm currently implementing, the hability to pipe out a command line stream via XMMP, using jp, the command line frontend of the "Salut à Toi" project.

The syntax is quite easy: imagine you have 2 people Pierre and Louise talking together. Louise is talking about the last Blender Foundation movie, Sintel, and Pierre is interested, and want to see the trailer Louise is talking about. To do that, he just has to enter the following command:

jp --pipe-in louise | mplayer -

Which mean "I'm waiting for an incoming stream from louise". Louise correspond to the name Pierre gave to its contact, jp do the association.
He could also have used the full jid instead: .

In the other side, Louise can pipe out the trailer to Pierre with the following command:

cat sintel_trailer-480p.ogv | jp --pipe-out pierre

Quite easy isn't it ? You don't have to worry about the IP address of your contact, just to know its jid, or to have it in your roster with an easy-to remember name.

Note that jp was already allowing you to pipe out command line result as a XMPP message (to do some ascii art for example ;) ).

If you want to copy a file, the syntax is quite similar:

jp -wg louise

for reception and:

jp -g sintel_trailer-480p.ogv pierre

to send the file. The -g flag means you want to see the progress bar.

The following short video show this in action. It's in french, but you don't really need the comments to understand it.

To play the video, you nead a recent browser (e.g. Firefox 4+ or the last Chromium).
You can also use VLC (>=1.1 only), by using this url as a flux:

Last but not least, you can use mplayer: mplayer ""

This video is licensed under Creative Common BY-SA

For the technical side, it's just a modified XEP-0096 . It would be intersting to propose this as a standard to the XSF, but maybe by using jingle transfer instead.

Please not that all of this is really experimental.

I plan to release the next version of "Salut à Toi" soon, stay connected :)