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New website for Salut à Toi + some news


a quick post for the opening of the new Salut à Toi's presentation website: http://sat.goffi.org. The goal was to have something more accessible than a wiki page: you should have quickly a global idea of what the project is with it. It's available in French and in English (any help to add a new language is welcome).

In addition, I was to Linux Software Meeting in Geneva (RMLL in French) in July, and I have had a talk about the project: http://video.rmll.info/videos/salut... . It's in French, I'm thinking about subtitling it soon (again, any help welcome). The meeting was good, I had a common booth with Romain from the friend project Weboob, and I have also seen again people from other project like MOVIM (we were neighbours), Jappix or Newebe.

People seemed interested by "Salut à Toi". More and more people know the project, at least by name. I hope next year the running version will be usable for everybody (not only developers)...

Other news: the project is now fully AGPL v3+ (before it was a mix between GPL v3+ and AGPL v3+) except the data which are Creative Common By-SA.
The Social Contract has been translated to English, thanks to a contribution from Matthieu Rakotojaona.


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